Loli 6 days ago
WOO! Dayton made #1 on Forbes' Happiest Cities to Work In list!
Loli 2 weeks ago
Holy crap, we just had a bomb threat called in.
Loli needs 1 months ago
This week is a voting week. All guild members with the rank of cardinal or higher can cast their votes. A guild leader will be elected if they get at least 30% votes of all eligible voters.
Loli 1 months ago
This piece of music feels AMAZING. La Pietra Sonante
Loli 2 months ago
Tanker of whipped cream overturns in Troy!
Loli 2 months ago
Happy birthday GusJones!
Loli 3 months ago
OH GOD I have a caller with a British accent AND a speech impediment - he sounds like the priest from The Princess Bride. I have never been so focused on my diction before (I echo accents and stutters) :-(
Loli 4 months ago
My bro & sis in law gave me a spoiled birthday weekend - beer, barbeque, and cake all weekend. :-D
Loli is 4 months ago
dreaming of retirement. Screw this place!