Lashae Karsin Every time I start cleaning my inventory I will get to an item and wonder if I actually spent money on that... uuggghhh. So many wasted Lindens.
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Lashae Karsin I'm supposed to be making the hubby some homemade Samoas ... instead I'm wasting time doing absolutely nothing on here.
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Lashae Karsin I've really gotten into makeup lately. I seriously think I could go drop a couple hundred dollars at Ulta or Sephora if I knew that I wouldn't feel really bad about it afterwards.
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Lashae Karsin I so love my new blogger layout/template!
Lashae Karsin ღ
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Lashae Karsin Welcome to my timeline, khayaleistone :-)
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Lashae Karsin It cracks me up when people "sign" their comments on Facebook with their name. - Lashae
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