Jullie Cat mom hugs baby kittenCat mom hugs baby kitten everytime i see this i go awwww :-(
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Nienke blogged: Culture Shock blogpost #190 Cold Case Love#190 Cold Case Love
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Nienke I am blogging :-) yay for inspiration!!! Gotta love Culture Shock
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Nienke Madonna in the Graham Norton Show annoys me
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Nienke Culture Shock is down?
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Nienke thinks LL should update these "starting" avatars [http://grabilla.com/0250b-4d0decaf-c5d2-46e5-a3a4-ef35b58bb53a.png] :-P
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Nienke Ugh it is so humid :-( I feel gross
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Nienke I had to get up because my best friend forgot his keys and I brought them all the way there (yes I have his spare keys)... Back to bed now
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