♥Kiki/Deja♥ 2 months ago
I'm not sure if I like Sims 4 yet or not. It brings back a lot of classic Sims features that addicted all of us in the first place... not neccasarly a bad thing. I find the new UI confusing.
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 4 months ago
Anyone read the Sylvia Day Crossfire series? Opinions?
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 5 months ago
I have second spaces pantry rare snacks to trade for rare Jam or I'll buy the Jam off of you...
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 6 months ago
Mesh birdbath?
♥Kiki/Deja♥ shares 8 months ago
Good Morning
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 10 months ago
Any pose shops that have gift certificates?
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 11 months ago
Anyone know what the website is to sign up for Obamacare?
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 11 months ago
stores with gift certies? Both men and woman shops please:
♥Kiki/Deja♥ 1 years ago
Arcade Yard Sales?