Chestnut shares 3 days ago
An attempt.
Chestnut 4 days ago
OMG. OMG> OMFG. Yes I am fangurl freaking out. I have a not so secret girl crush on Rosie O'Donnell. I can't explain it other than to say she is just like people I grew up with only funnier and more famous
Chestnut 5 days ago
My daughter is not answering my texts. I complain to my husband and he says "the State Police are not at the door" implying that perhaps I am neurotic. Guess what I am currently obsessed with?
Chestnut 6 days ago
https://ediebeatscancer.... A cancer update from me. Short version: I am healthy.
Chestnut 1 weeks ago
Transparent is free on Amazon Prime today. Yes I just binge watched it. #love
Chestnut 1 weeks ago
so lazy.
Chestnut 1 weeks ago
It is bad enough to complain about customers on plurk without naming them. When you include their full name in your rant you have become the Prokofy Neva of Plurk. #Congratulations
Chestnut 1 weeks ago
applying for jobs because I have been here 10 years and fuck these people.
Chestnut 1 weeks ago
Given all the mutual dislike and complaints between consumers designers bloggers and everyone else it's amazing SL works at all