(((Cajsa))) says 2 hours ago
There is some EPIC classical mansplaining here.
Ukip Donor Mansplains Fall Of Roman Empire To Classi...
(((Cajsa))) says 5 hours ago
I know it's too late, but that's why he is in town.
Want to be an extra in Portland-filmed David Tennant...
(((Cajsa))) says 5 hours ago
David Tennant is in Portland! But where?
(((Cajsa))) says 8 hours ago
Really bad, exploitive historical fiction
The Spy by Paulo Coelho
(((Cajsa))) says 9 hours ago
From The New Yorker.
(((Cajsa))) says 9 hours ago
This is thoughtful. Besides, you should get credit for the best gifts.
(((Cajsa))) says 12 hours ago
So, when the book for next year's insurance came, it did not have my plan in it, but an Option 1 of my plan with a premium that was 6 times more expensive. Yes!! SIX TIMES. So that got me looking at new plans
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I want Oscar to wake up and get off my lap so I can pee....but when I call his name, he looks up, stretches and goes back to sleep. I may have to dislodge him by force.
(((Cajsa))) says Yesterday
If you like suspense, this is a can't miss book.
All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
Jingle Belle shares Yesterday
Check to see if your pics are here because this chick made a flickr of all stolen pics: Maria
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