Cajsa ♔ Oscar says an hour ago
I like this picture, it's beautifully composed in almost every way, but I wish she had turned the frame just the tiniest bit, because at first glance it looks like the heel of her shoe is coming out of her butt
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 5 hours ago
I often use a (cozy) as an acknowledgment that I can see someone is in pain or in need & as a fellow human being I want to say, I see you
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 6 hours ago
DJing this morning @ Second Life Maps | Velvet
Jazz - 9 to 11
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Oh I Overslept - Oh I Overslept
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 12 hours ago
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 12 hours ago
Steve Duin: The great wealth in this community of ours
A response to the ignorant NYT article I didn't bother to share because it's so stupid.
Portland: Hardly 'A Retirement Community for the Young'
and another.
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 12 hours ago
Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia
Fascism is alive and well in Wisconsin.
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 18 hours ago
So I am new to the world of migraines. Is it normal to have one on Tuesday, on Friday and then on Saturday night?
Cajsa ♔ Oscar says 20 hours ago
Mouthpieces for the oil and gas industry have a new talking point. Concede everything & say we don't know enough to make policy, so do nothing.