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This makes me proud to live in Multnomah County
County stands up for abortion rights
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Do you think maybe Marcus Aurelius had really bad sex?
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Anyone femme poets of color you know?
Lil Intro Vert on Twitteris looking for desperately trying to find femme poets of color for a cool project. You will be well compensated.
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I did three interviews last week that I am transcribing. So...I ask the exact same questions and one interview is 8 minutes, one is 40 minutes, and another is 90. lol
Guess which I prefer to transcribe?
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HIVE MIND: If I were to write a second kind of column about SL photography, what would be a good approach that is different from What I Like? but in the same spirit, No "what's wrong with this photo" kind of column. I'm not interested in embarrassing anyone.
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Fae on Your Eyes - Fae on Your Eyes
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While I am glad to see NOLA removing their memorials to an ignoble heritage, when I see what was on the Liberty Place monument my question is what the hell took so damn long.
Taking down Liberty Place monument undoes a rewrite ...
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Anyone who thinks the administration hasn't propagated this with their behavior is kidding themselves.
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