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So, Harvest Share 2 weeks ago gave every person an entire potato sack full of habanero peppers. Those fuckers are HOT!!!! so, of course I have a couple pounds left and they will spoil. So.... I get the idea of roasting them.
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If you cannot march
Disability March
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Goodbye to the National Endowment for the Arts, for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
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North Dakota, so glad I don't live there
Ancient, Out-of-Touch White Man In N.D. Gives Worst ...
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Oscar has a new favorite video. He's watched it twice through tonight while I watched TV.
Bird TV: 1-hr video for your pet birds, cats, & huma...
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So a few of my HS classmates post pictures of infants & toddlers with visible physical afflictions with a demand to repost & say AMEN or you're heartless
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POTUS, You have less than 36 hours to pardon Leonard Peltier. Hurry!
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