(((Cajsa™))) says 5 hours ago
I am a little excited, a friend of mine is going to speak at the convention! Tina Kotek, who i met about 6 months after moving to Portland.
(((Cajsa™))) says 6 hours ago
I have not blogged yet. I want a clever name because it's so tasty.
(((Cajsa™))) says 9 hours ago
If you're not worried about Trump, you are not paying attention.
Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing
(((Cajsa™))) says 10 hours ago
So, I need to figure out what I am doing wrong with my Lelutka mesh head & Glam Affair applicators. The eye shadow. It only shows when the eyes are closed. When they are open, it's as though it didn't apply
(((Cajsa™))) says 13 hours ago
lol, a former colleague sounding just a bit curmudgeonly
(((Cajsa™))) says 23 hours ago
Back home, my sister has table linens that my grandmother made back in Sweden before the emigrated. She harvested the flax, spun it and wove the linens from start to finish over 100 years ago.
(((Cajsa™))) says Yesterday
OMG, its been so long since I have done anything with yarn, I about fell over when pricing it. I got this idea I would make this as a present for my BFF who drove me home to MN.
(((Cajsa™))) says Yesterday
Some days people are just awful.