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folks wanting to know where to hang out? Second Life Maps | Velvet
A nice group of about 20 folks there with good conversation, new folks, old folks, friendly
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Announcing another contestant in the game of LIFE!!! A boy.
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So, I have been checking FB all day since my great-niece is being induced today....and no word!! just lots of folks saying they're still waiting...
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Interesting. I had not heard this term. Definitely war is being waged in the GOP between the explicit and the covert racists.
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So, I had a minor craving for something sweet and I don't have any candy, ice cream or anything like that in my apartment...but I came up with something that satisfied that craving anyway & delicious.
Stringernomicon 14 hours ago
just saw this . . . a gender neutral event has apps open currently Dear Designer:
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Torley 15 hours ago
[] Whirly Fizzle's COOL vintage movie effects w/ Home which can be used with Second Life to add new post-processing shaders! Still early testin' but check it out...
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Should someone with such poor judgment be taken seriously?
Making Machine-Gun Bacon with Ted CruzTed Cruz Auditions for The SimpsonsAnd no, I don't mean how he made bacon. I mean that he thinks these are good PR.
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