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There must be something about this guy's voice, because I played that lion opening a car door video and then another video about lions chasing a car and then another The Lion Whisperer
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I am constantly amazed at how much tyranny people are willing to tolerate if they think it happens to someone else.
Police killed more than twice as many people as reported by US go...
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I don't know if you have read much more about the DOJ review of Ferguson Police, but I suggest you do. Ferguson's Conspiracy Against Black Citizens
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Anydevelopment/capacity specialists on my timeline? This is a job worth moving for - MRG is great.
MRG is Hiring a Capacity Building Director - MRG Foundation
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So cute! My friend's daughter testifies at a public hearing for the first time, just drag to 50 minutes in.
Regular Board Meeting - Mar 5th, 2015
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I need to get up and make caldo verde for supper, but Oscar is sleeping on me.