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Shoetopia – It’s What’s For Supper - Shoetopia – It’s What’s For Supper
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Pumps @ Shoetopia - Pumps @ Shoetopia
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Maybe I will try a mandala with platforms. lol
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I went to the food bank today, but they had changed the schedule. Super disappointing because apps's conflicted with all the harvest share's I usually go to... the disappointment must have shown on my face, because the guy says, go wait, I will make up a box for you.
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So I participate in this listserv of people whose common interest is election law. Members are of all ideologies because election law matters to all of us. It gives me insight into the far right mindset in terms of how they justify what seems unjustifiable.
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Flats @ Shoetopia - Flats @ Shoetopia
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Boots @ Shoetopia - Boots @ Shoetopia
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So, I have been telling my best friend she needs to start watching some of the shows on Korean Drama, Taiwanese Drama, Bollywood, Anime and Telenovelas f..., but she didn't. Finally I sent her a link to this one on Tuesday. Talked to her this morning, she's on episode 9
When a Snail Falls in Love
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What the hell happened? SL was working like a charm tonight. I took pictures of 101 pairs of shoes without a crash.This never happens. I only had trouble with a few not razzing and coming back later they razzed. Here's two composites of shoes.