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I try so hard to like Rachel Maddow, but the way she repeats everything a minimum of 3 times drives me nuts. I always end up turning the channel.
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OMG, wait until I blog the recipe I came up with tonight! Amazing in so many ways. Sausage, Farro, Spinach, Dried Plums, Chickpeas and Feta.
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One of our fellow plurkers is struggling and there is something we can do to help - something that only costs a bit of time.
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Cajsa™ says 6 hours ago
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So if you're name came up in the anon, just google "Tall Poppy Syndrome" and relax. It means you're relevant.
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You can be an electronic resident of Estonia.
Interview with Estonia CIO Taavi Kotka - Business Insider
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Wandering Around Cajsa’s House - Wandering Around Cajsa’s House
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OMG! I want this is SL - and in RL but well, that won't happen.
There's no need to grow gills to live in this floating villa...