DickNuzzler 7 hours ago
"The parting of the ways has come. The republican party must stand for the rights of humanity or else it must stand for special privilege." - Teddy Roosevelt
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Gidge 8 hours ago
I hope somebody painted Amy's nails.
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CostCo ♔ Oscar says 9 hours ago
I just can't with the GOP anymore. Who sits around dreaming up ways to make poor people poorer and more miserable?
Kansas has found the ultimate way to punish the poor
CostCo ♔ Oscar says 13 hours ago
I was crying (you all know why) and because Oscar suffers from anxiety, it set him off so he started howling this sad, lonesome, mournful cry that just made me cry harder. So he came over to me and jumped up on
Gidge 13 hours ago
She was lovely. That's all. She was simply lovely.
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mesMURRizing 13 hours ago
From the birthday party her family threw for me on Sunday. The last pic I have of her
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CostCo ♔ Oscar says 14 hours ago
Saffpots set up a tumblr for folks to post remembrances of ScarletCSkylaC so her family and friends of her first life can see.
She Was Our Leaf on the Wind
CostCo ♔ Oscar says 14 hours ago
I first met Amy when I interviewed her for AVENUE. Here's the article. I thought she was lovely then and that feeling only grew. AVENUE Magazine December 2013
Isαвεℓℓα 14 hours ago
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CostCo ♔ Oscar says 15 hours ago
and now I have to stop crying because the apartment manager called to say she was on the way over before I learned about Amy.