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John Crawford Case: It’s Open Carry for Whites and Open Sea...
The video shows him talking on a cell phone and resting toy gun on floor sort of like a cane - according to those who have seen it. The police will not release it to the public.
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Congratulations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for having the decency to reject the donations from reddit
Prostate Cancer Foundation Response Statement to Reddit Post
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The Celebrity Nude Photo Leak Is Just Another Form of Online Hara...
and then to confirm every word she wrote, there are the comments.
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Started reading this book last night - there is so much that is so perfectly arch and clever that I want to remember - The Rise & Fall of Great Powers
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so I fell asleep reading a book last night. No biggie, that happens all the time, but for some reason, I kept holding the book instead of letting it drop. All day my wrist has ached like the devil itself.
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Just finished reading FATHERLAND by Robert Harris
and recommend it highly. A plausible alternate history.
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So Oscar does not really care for human food (except squash and lime/cayenne dressing) so I never worry about walking away from the table with food on it. But, I have discovered something he likes now. Coffee!!