Cajsa™ says 12 hours ago
Ugh. So, at New Season, they had two kinds of cantaloupe & some chickpea salad to sample. I tried 1 of each. Now I am so sick.
Cajsa™ says Yesterday
Every once in a while, I think it's good to remind us all that our grandparents, etc. who sometimes tsk tsk over our lyrics, also probably listened to racy lyrics as well, like this one from 1935
Cajsa™ says Yesterday
Nearly done with Gerald Murnane's One Million Windows and laughing out loud half the time.
∞ Anemysk ∞ asks Yesterday
any bloggers here who want to be added to my blogging list? I removed everyone and adding from scratch.
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Boho and Pup - Boho and Pup
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New babies - my niece's farm
Cajsa™ says 2 days ago
laughing so hard at this