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Idea for an inexpensive Christmas present for friends/family. Curate a list of free electronic or audio books from
Provide some links with your commentary on why you chose the books.
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[] so cause d-lab doesn't have plurk to post his items... and i'm the biggest fangirl ever for his items <3
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The Arcade 16 hours ago
The Arcade presents our 13th photography contest!
The contest runs from December 1st - 31st, featuring prizes from many beloved Arcade vendors.
View details here: How to Enter
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There is good news in Syria, too, but it's mainly been ignored.
Rojava is a radical experiment in democracy in northern Syria. Am...
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The wheels of justice may grind slowly...
Shell agrees to pay compensation for execution of Saro-Wiwa and O...
It has been 20 years, but some small measure of justice has been achieved.
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A friend of mine said she did not get enough done today because of this book, lots of twists, etc. So, knowing her good taste, I went to check it out and it's free on kindle - don't know how long, though.
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The media is fond of making false equivalencies for fear of being called liberal, but this goes too far.
Colorado shootings point to abortion debate dominated by extremes