Ambrrr thinks she has a sickness. I just made a black lotus, guys. SHERLOCK!
3 years ago 1 response
Ambrrr is going for a walkies to calm down. Sherlock-induced hyperventilation is not good for your health apparently
3 years ago 0 responses
Ambrrr needs someone to freak out over Sherlock with her, because trying to swallow my smile so my mother does not think I'm insane is difficile.
3 years ago 14 responses
Ambrrr says whoops, forgot about Plurk and lost all of my karma. Such is the life.
3 years ago 8 responses
Ambrrr wonders if I will ever be good at life. I have been pure fail today, and I don't see an end to this trend in my near future.
3 years ago 3 responses
Ambrrr says hey dudes. Plurk is making me feel guilty for not always posting!
3 years ago 7 responses
Ambrrr needs a car and her license, STAT. Walking for the census is not my idea of a good time, oh no.
3 years ago 0 responses
Ambrrr wonders if anime fandom made me evil. I mean... I swear I wasn't this into hurt/comfort BEFORE I started reading fic. I think. :-D?
3 years ago 4 responses
Ambrrr wants Finally done with Census training. The real work begins... Monday!
3 years ago 1 response