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~ Trans women are women and if you believe otherwise, you are not a feminist, replurk to save a life and show a TERF the door. ~ TW: transphobia, heavy subjects re: trans violence, suicide, etc.
potato boyo 2 weeks ago
I'm really sorry for lying to you.
The New Axe 3 weeks ago
Just as a heads up, Bandcamp's donating all their proceeds for anything you buy to the ACLU, on Friday.
This Friday, Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immig...
medcram says 3 weeks ago
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Paco Pooley 3 weeks ago
I do not say things like this often but I feel the need to unfortunately: A swastika or a "Nazi-near-aesthetic" is NOT a fashion statement, sexy or funny. Neither in SL nor in RL.