Corgi 3 weeks ago
How an unemployed, homeless UK man caused a 33% drop in HIV - it's the power of the internet made manifest.
Sophia Harlow 1 months ago
Helyanwe Vindaloo has been part of our SL community for as long as I can remember, some of my first hair was from Deviant Kitties - her first brand. Her sweet pug Django is currently fighting hard against seizures and Hely has been taking him to the vet nearly on a daily basis. Finally after a lot of contemplation and worried how it would be accepted - she
The New Axe 1 months ago
Just as a heads up, Bandcamp's donating all their proceeds for anything you buy to the ACLU, on Friday.
This Friday, Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immig...
medcram says 1 months ago
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