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ATTN FIREFOX/WATERFOX USERS LJ Juggler for the latest Firefox/Waterfox should be available in a week or so to replace poor ol' LJLogin! ETA: IT'S HERE
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The gutters need regular maintenance as if the rainwater does not flow properly through the gutter and downspout system, it can cause water damage or freezing. Gaborsrcs - Gabor's Reliable Cleaning Services
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Internet of Things: How can Sensors and Data Harvesting Drive Ene... :How can Sensors and Data Harvesting Drive Energy Efficiency?
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Camera Design Solutions : Looking for Camera Design solutions with 4K Resolution?
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Mechanical Engineering Design: The Role of DFM and DFA. ezinearticles.com/?Mecha...
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Escaping Technical Debt With Agile Methodology - DZone Agile
How agile methodologies can help reduce technical debt by instilling and managing key principles in an organization.