Candy Fair 2014 [] Thank you Candy Fair 2014 Shoppers and Candy Lovers! See you next year <3 Candy Fair 2014: Thank You!
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fRAHNkenstein I accidentally hit a person in the head while trying to hail a cab
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Zombienado shares this stuff came out today for the Creepy Cute Carnival. Second Life Maps | Fortune Land
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ಠ_ಠ whispers to know that everyone i trusted, was against me the whole time
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Zombienado shares I knew I forgot something...
available Second Life Maps | Treasures
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Niiiigel Voting has started for the Fallen Gods photo competition at the main store on Selidor. Join the Fallen Gods group and go vote! chandnikhondji and me at least both have entries. And hers is STUNNING.
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npmilneaux shares First preview for Cirque de Seraphim just hit the Flickr group! So exciting! Cirque de Seraphim
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TFC - SL Event says TFC is open for early access to our update group until midnight SLT. Want to join us? Join our group here secondlife:///app/group/3c0a508f-8b46-3e3b-f471-df5c67bfc8af/about and wear your group tag!
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