lyl witch an hour ago
Reason #92784032 why we are awesome: [16:03] Lyl Witch (lylanis): OMG RICK ASTLEY
[16:03] Bishy (bishybaby): OMG RICK ASTLEY
[16:03] Bishy (bishybaby): HAHAHA
[16:03] Lyl Witch (lylanis): HAHAHAHAHAHA
DelorisGDavis 19 hours ago
Top Traits of Professional #Humor #Speakers Today -
mrhalfare is Yesterday
Great Tips On How To Invest In Real Estate. deangraziosi735
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TFC - SL Event says 22 hours ago
Five more days to shop this round of The Fantasy Collective! If you haven't been yet, come on down!
Second Life Maps | The Fantasy Collective
subnautica Yesterday
Welcome to Subnautica! An adventure/exploration game taking place under an alien ocean with all sorts of strange creatures!
Heph Yesterday
GUYTYPES. 50L sale on everything at Yasum today; not sure how long it goes, but some p. nice stuff is out laughably cheap. Second Life Maps | Fathom