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[] Intrigue Co.'s newest releases for Collabor88's July theme "Under the Sea," opening on the 8th!
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[the big move] I know at this point I'm beating a dead horse, but I really, really do need some help here. I just need to make sure I have enough so my first rent check doesn't bounce
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This is what happens when trying to clean out your inventory. You get distracted and end up putting on a fashion show!
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Okay folks, since this weekend was ahem kind of a blur, I'm taking it easy-ish on you tonight. I'm going to describe a trivia player, you guess who. It's that easy. So come on over. :-D
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[financial woes] [gofundme] [mute if you wanna!] Hey guys, I really hate doing this but I'm running out of's a campaign so I don't die before I actually get paid
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Girl Genius page for Monday, 6 July
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