Sway 16 hours ago
sleeping snow Yesterday
sleep time /dives into bed
ಠ_ಠ whispers 23 hours ago
Happy Holidays! Let's make this holiday season peaceful, loving, and joyful. Post anything nice about someone down below. Why do you enjoy having them in your life? I hope you all have a great
Cerberus Yesterday
[16:21] Mz Marville: come here
[16:21] Mz Marville: lets be elephants
[16:21] Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari): wait
[16:22] Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari): wat
[16:22] Cᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs (kamayari): ,_.
What are your fave SL wearable/shoulder pets? Cute or realistic, decorative or interactive is ALL COOL YO! Here's me with hyasynth's lovely Eli the Elephant [https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3954/15605678072_9a64b379d7_t.jpg]
Not A Cyborg Yesterday
Post pimping the store along with prints I added in the last month If you like what you see I am taking commissions for 10 dollars.