Thaumata Not sure if this link will work but I'm reading a fantastic story about design theft with a great response to it.
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New At CheerNo <3
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Mυяɗєяσυѕ Rαgє New People on Plurk who need friends: KeishiiRoo, YazzV , littlelieben PLEASE ADD THEM THEY ARE LONELY
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Little Pirates shares Coming to Woodland Treasures August Round!
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Apple_Fall shares [] i love it when a script comes together
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Drew VeauDeau Stolen from KaelynAlecto : "to all those that suffer in silence with day to day struggles and never dare complain... You are awesome and better days will come "
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DelicateFlower Today's public service message: If you don't have a good reason to be an asshole, please don't be one. Have a nice day! :-)
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