Ama. says RP for the evening Crowd It's the 28th and that means the Aloha Fair is open! I've got a freebie out :
and a 25% discounted exclusive at 75L
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Autterpop ♥ [] I would like to say I am this far ahead but I am doing events out of order. (LOL) Coming for Tales of Fantasy.
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Rors + Loh'Ki SL Trick or Treat Is still taking applications. If you would like to get your store involved make sure to get your application in. Bloggers there is a page for you to apply also!
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Thaumata Not sure if this link will work but I'm reading a fantastic story about design theft with a great response to it.
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New At CheerNo <3
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Mυяɗєяσυѕ Rαgє New People on Plurk who need friends: KeishiiRoo, YazzV , littlelieben PLEASE ADD THEM THEY ARE LONELY
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