Cyclic 5 hours ago
Oh I should probably plurk this again before LVLE closes [] Click through for info and LM and stuff
Aposiopesis 2 hours ago
Redzone's album [digital flesh] is on significant sale! Download for $3, or get yer own actual tangible CD w/ enhanced video for $4 +S&H. ♫ [digitalflesh] - Redzone. Listen @cdbaby
Daniel Voyager says 2 days ago
Happy Saturday :-)
Jaxon 4 hours ago
ATTENTION EVERYONE: Tonight is GOL's last night being opened. Lets go close this place down with a bang. Be there in 30min! Here is your invite now. Second Life Maps | GOL Club
Not A Cyborg 8 hours ago
So as you know all know I am trying to get the fuck out of Vegas and waiting to hear back from Grad Schools. I posted an update on my gofundme I figure I'd post it again -
Tanarian shares 12 hours ago

Girl Genius page for Monday, 26 January
#girlgenius #graphicnovel #steampunk #gaslampfantasy #chewchewtrain