Miss Aza an hour ago
Join me and JReluin at the circus on Monday!
vishals says Yesterday
Maturity is silent. Confidence is silent. Success is silent. Let your life do the talking & you never have to say a word.
ғᴜᴄᴋ ᴛᴇʀғs 2020 Last edited @ 22 hours ago Yesterday
~ Trans women are women and if you believe otherwise, you are not a feminist, replurk to save a life and show a TERF the door. ~ TW: transphobia, heavy subjects re: trans violence, suicide, etc.
London78 shares 3 weeks ago
[Plurk PSA] Check y'all's friendslists, numbers are decreasing due to Plurk being, well, Plurk.
Miss Aza 2 days ago
Today! 1-3pm SLT! There will be 500L on the contest board! With DJ JReluin
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