ragnathebloodedge wants 44 minutes ago
to get his asshole licked
ragnathebloodedge is 45 minutes ago
getting it up the ass
itemworld an hour ago
Hello plurk users! This is jungler and I'm releasing my code for this layout with all the shenanigans I've done to plurk here - it is somewhat commented!
Iced Coffee 4 hours ago
Hate to do this, but I'm got to move at the end of the month and need help. I've set up a Go Fund Me if anyone can spare a few dollars. <3
Evie 11 hours ago
Creator & blogger apps for Cosmetic Fair are open [https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1642/24621112580_f0c1482159_t.jpg]
Xiola says 13 hours ago
Meetup this Friday at Isle of View. the return of the hug/dunk a Linden booths & a gifting kiosk to benefit the Michael J Fox Foundation. See you there!
We Can’t Quit You, Isle of View