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Automobile Engineering In India The mechanical engineering course followed at GEU has transformed Automobile engineering in India.
ಠ_ಠ whispers 2 hours ago
I want more plurk friends but am embarrassed to ask. Nominate some interesting people to friend or follow?
Zombienado shares 4 hours ago
Out now for Femme Boy Fashion Sales. 99L per set, includes male and female sizes. Second Life Maps | Moonspell
Shi 4 hours ago
Sneak Peek #2 for Geeks n' Nerds [] Sword of Awesomeness from .breathe. <3
Heath shares 5 hours ago
Coming tonight at midnight from blueberry hill @ the Geeks N Nerds fair!
Delberry Sauce 4 hours ago
You too could enjoy Torley rides for the low, low, one-time price of 230948023984L []
didi_rozy says 5 hours ago
:'-( udah mulai naik cm 0.01 doank ini yeeelah lama bgt
ಠ_ಠ whispers 5 hours ago
People are always afraid to talk to me, I dont understand why, especially when I'm the horrible anxious ones who's always afraid I'll be disliked, but I really try and be nice, but it just seems like everyone -
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I need hugs. :'-(