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Deadpool 2 hours ago
Forget the Trumpocalypse & focus on something good! Most of you know this past Xmas eve with the help of a few generous souls I was able to deliver Blankets & sweaters & hats & gloves & much more to the homeless here in Toronto. 3 Amazing people from plurk contributed with some money to help my little project go further. This plurk is to thank them.
Prue 4 hours ago
Aloha you ravishing creatures! My set today at Atomic palace will be a shockingly eclectic mix of punkyfunkypoppy ear torpedos from such noisemongers as:
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REMINDER: [https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1471/25595189113_7459922467_t.jpg] Imogen has space available for rent! Tier is only 3.2L per prim each month or 2.8L for rentals over 5000LI, and the neighbors are fantastic!
Chance Philippe 7 hours ago
Closing this tonight. Inks By Chance Raynier I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this survey about interest in my original inks. if you fill it out I will give you a little discount towards a commission in appreciation. ty those who have already given input.
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