Junbuggy 15 hours ago
the regency ball! regency I'm pleased to announce this project that has been planned since Zee and I first berated one another on here over who is the one TRUE Darcy
KevinAM4 is 1 weeks ago
The Florida food stamp program is run by the Florida Department of Children and Families (with funding from the US Government, like all states). For details visit The Florida Food Stamp Program - Blog - Help When You Need It
jazj89 is 5 days ago
I learned What is Love
jazj89 wonders 3 days ago
Allegory says 13 hours ago
[https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7730/18059732379_22bfb472dc_t.jpg] so the guide's out so you've probably seen this already, but!
The Arcade 16 hours ago
Presenting The Arcade's June 2015 shopping guide!
Each page features a gacha key/image, product information, and direct landmark to each machine:
Shopping Guide – June, 2015