Camp HK says 26 minutes ago
Camp Plurk Giveaway! Ticket to the next camp we do! Place your name in this plurk and I will pull a winner tomorrow! The gift is transferable but must be used prior to registration! Happy Holidays & Good Luck!
Max 3 hours ago
From Cosmic Dust! We would Love to wish you a Happy Holidays with this special Holiday Sweater Set of two sweaters for the low price of L$100 []
SecretSLanta says 3 hours ago
please don't forget to confirm you've received/sent your gift, by using this form
Amy (Scarlet) 49 minutes ago
Gift card/credit give away! Since Plurk has been just so incredibly giving today, I thought I'd add a little to it as well!
ApareciumSl wants an hour ago
to give away a Fat Pack of Heels to one lucky person per site, I will do a random drawing from the names listed here on this post, one from my twitter followers & one from my FB! Please Share. Enter by Dec.25th
.Olive. 2 hours ago
It's the time of giving! So along with everyone else, we're giving away giftcards too! [] How to enter! THIS IS THE OFFICIAL PLURK POST
{T.T} shares 3 hours ago
Coming Soon for Woodlands Januay , World Travel cultural
{T.T} shares 3 hours ago
Coming Soon for ATLT January

Sasypants 4 hours ago
replurking: 500L Gift store credit to all What's New SL members from Flair What's New SL Gift from Flair