Lyrical Ember 18 hours ago
I really want more plurk friends...can anyone make some suggestions for me?
Memmy 5 hours ago
Out at Midnight for the Jack Or Jill Hunt! Bella is on the Female path and elephante is on the Male Path [] []
Niiiigel an hour ago
AliaBaroque just put out Justine.. a new 12 person luxurious seating set... but.. "seating" doesn't do it justice. NSFW - []
Lucie an hour ago
Woodland Park has 5 open parcels available. They are 293, 878, 904 and (2) 937 prims. Rent is L$1.75/per prim/per week. 2nd week is free with first paid week. Visit the sim here: Second Life Maps | Woodland Park
Ceejay Writer says 18 hours ago
it is very odd to see your book LIVE in the UK, but on Pre-order in the US. NO I AM NOT WATCHING MY SEEKRET AMAZON DASHBOARD OBSESSIVELY.
Ella 2 hours ago
[] Replurk for the morning/afternoon >.> I don't timezone well. But out now for The Neighbourhood!
Wavie_Haller shares 2 hours ago
Coming to a FaMESHed near you:
Faeryfox(Beth) 4 hours ago
A repost, of sorts. Lovecraft's Wake will be coming soon to the Grid [like bracketing his death day soon], and I'll have more information for anyone interested in taking part very soon.