baxtersprings says 3 hours ago
GreenRivers Yesterday
I love when I'm getting ready for work and my boss calls like "I'm 90 and old and we are just not dealing with Joyce today, have a day off"
Ziri✖Überwald 3 hours ago
[Streaming] magicaltophatJoin us for InFamous Second Son~!
glenindia1 shares Yesterday
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Skynet90210 5 hours ago
[rl] Selling icons quick to get money on google wallet, lmk, I need to raise 15.00. He is giving me til tomorrow to pay this dumb bill.
ಠ_ಠ whispers an hour ago
I wish the people in my life would listen when I tell them how I feel. I'm so lonely even though I'm surrounded by people.
ಠ_ಠ whispers 4 hours ago
I feel like things may be looking up for me but at the same time they are moving so fast.