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[https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7344/15766053733_043655f094_t.jpg] Fuzzy sneak peak of the textured Raleigh Barn for FaMESHed February
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I'm getting my clothing store back online. Blog post! https://sweetpoisondesig...
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I poked at my personal blog yesterday and now it's all girly and foofy. It's also the best place to see my annoying ten day countdown to BOOK! graphics, in case you missed any. A License to Quill | Writing Flotsam on the Shores of Literacy
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Coming soon at main store
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In 4 days you’ll learn exactly what is so darned special about the Ladies Parlor at the Air Azimuth Aether Docks. This luxury skyport serves as a principal transfer hub to and from points all over Industralia.
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