Delberry Sauce an hour ago
Designers....if you are having a Black Friday sale and have not yet signed up to be on the Seraphim list, please fill out the form found here: Black Friday Sale - 2014 and we'll add you to the list!
Miss Berry asks 2 hours ago
Who is having a Black Friday Sale in Second Life?
merchant1177 shares 8 hours ago
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didi_rozy 7 hours ago
kaget itu tau da orang punya kontak line nyampe 5 ribu..makanya aku ga dpt hadiah gift'nya..
ಠ_ಠ whispers 7 hours ago
American? What are your plans for turkey and native american genocide and hypocrite day?
installmonetizer says 1 weeks ago
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nikkamariel07 19 hours ago
Auryn Beorn 9 hours ago
G'morning everybody! News at the store: Script and mesh coffee sign kit, 50% off for the weekend Black Tulip: New Coffee House neon sign kit for Buil...