Roslin Petion 7 hours ago
Finally got around to putting Temptress bodysuit up on Marketplace and the Indulgence pack is a steal. Check out this Second Life Marketplace Item!
Petite♔Bowtique says 12 hours ago
Lots of New Releases below! Second Life Maps | Chihuahua
acatholicprayer 12 hours ago
St. Gabriel, pray for us. #Catholic #prayer
♥Mouse♥ 6 hours ago
The new equestrian sim I rp at is in need of Students, Vets, Trainers, and stable hands. Its a great group and if you like horses come take a look. Second Life Maps | Landon
Berry Underwood says 8 hours ago
His suit is so shiny it looks like he forgot to uncheck screen space reflections in firestorm: BROWN RANG - YO YO HONEY SINGH - OFFICAL VIDEO - PLA...
ಠ_ಠ whispers 15 hours ago
why do people just can't accept that sometimes they do wrong things.And someone have to take a step and put that wrong to right one.
ಠ_ಠ whispers 15 hours ago
All the time, im afraid to rise and correct them. Even though i know it is right, im too scared that they'll respond and tell me 'masyado kang nag mamayabang' .