Brennie hopes 7 hours ago
you can make it.
FantasyFaireSL 13 hours ago
This year Fantasy Faire is going to have a May Day Ball on Friday, May 1st. There'll be a King and Queen (and a Chancellor!) voted from all the fantasy characters ever and the voting is already open!
SCD shares 19 hours ago
SLSecret: Week 344 - SLSecret: Week 344
Hi, everyone Its the last day for our open house. [] Second Life Maps | Pemberley Hope you can pop by for a look around
Rors + Loh'Ki 22 hours ago
ATTN Plurkies. I have some sad news and I am wondering if anyone would mind having a quick look at this plurk to see if they or anyone they know might be interested. As some of know already I have a gorgeous
Auryn Beorn 22 hours ago
Coming for The Challenge. I wanted to fill it with things, but the real world kicked in. If I had space, I would have this build in RL (I'm the queen of simple builds, I know.)