Nath Pervensey asks anyone else loving the Project Interesting changes to their viewer? OR is it making things uglier for you?
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Tanarian shares
Girl Genius page for Friday, 22 August
#girlgenius #graphicnovel #steampunk #gaslampfantasy #htrokdin #CheyenneWright #omake
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OnewordSL says Oneword is looking for designers to add to our team for 2015. [] Check our blog for more info! Oneword: Oneword looking for Designers for 2015!
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Shiloh/Cookie Do you know what we need in SL like right now?? One Hud that we can load all of our SLink nail huds into and scroll through. Wouldn't that be amazing????
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JustKenz shares For FLF at ShortNStuff
Second Life Maps | Cookie Bay
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Berry shares The Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS Association comes to #SecondLife via Tadeu Gartner. Tadeu Gartner - Ice Bucket Challenge (Brazil/Second ...
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C. Edo shares [] Octopus Tables at The Arcade starting Sept 1st! 8 finishes to win, no rares, only $L25 per play - for the furniture fan who truly has everything <3
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