JustDropBy shares A yellow banner with an umbrella signifying the pro-democracy protest and the chinese text ''I Want True Universal Suffrage'' is placed up the Lion Rock today in Hong Kong.
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KarraBOO [RL] Sister made youcare for her psych appt, if people would not mind signal boosting.
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instantDane says Raising Your Energy Level: discover what foods your body actually likes ow.ly/6m7cY
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Kalia Firelyte [https://i.imgur.com/LXIIY05.gif]
Studying by candle light on stormy days is best.
(I'm pretty excited about this skybox release. Can you tell?)
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ʜᴀɴs❤ PLEASE REPLURK My aunt Katharine went missing from her house in NYC ten days ago without phone, keys, ID, etc. She stopped taking her bi-polar medication about two weeks prior and we're extremely worried.
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SecondLife thinks Caitlin Tobias shows this skeleton's good side. Part of the Premium gifts now available: Second Life Pic of the Day 10/22/2014
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