Kalia Firelyte 2 hours ago
RP for morning ppl:
To commemorate our official opening, all Jian subscribers and group members can and have gotten this set of vellum candles for free!
Stop by and grab em today!
{T.T} shares 38 minutes ago
Coming soon for LIMITED 50 event June 15th
Titania 3 hours ago
You know it's an interesting day when you let your 2yo daughter leave some bread on the terrace for birds and two of them come and start copulating right there. LET'S GO WATCH TV, DARLING! FAST!
Arwyn 4 hours ago
1/4 Sim 3750Prims $L 4750PW
Caitlin Tobias 22 hours ago
Wat! A blogger got a DMCA filed against her blog, by a creator in SL..for not creditting the stuff on pics!!?? [https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8799/18325819486_22e3818701_t.jpg]