Heph 3 hours ago
Via mishaselene via Vaki, neither of whom I can replurk! The Wonderful and Confusing World of Girlfags and Guydykes This article is pretty well amazing. I know gender and sexuality can be confuse for folks who don't identify as...
Max 3 hours ago
Seraphim created a new way for designers and events to find each other! Check out the new Events Portal! Event Portal
ZeeBRUH! 6 hours ago
If you measure your self-worth and happiness (and also other people's) by whether or not there exist a significant other, you need to sit down and reevaluate your existence. For real.
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Girl Genius page for Friday, 17 April
#girlgenius #graphicnovel #steampunk #gaslampfantasy
Not A Cyborg 8 hours ago
CLICK HERE to support Moving to Boston for Grad School So I have been officially offered a space in Emerson's Graduate Media art program! I need your help moving to Boston by August.
Aposiopesis 12 hours ago
YOU GUYS! The TAG Gacha has begun! And it includes the brain-searingly adorable Quirk & Co. Traveling Sideshow figures jackalennui made, with stories by me! You should get all the things! :-D
Candy Spring says 15 hours ago
Sixty emoticons is not adequate, Plurk. We need MOAR! >.>