Max 59 minutes ago
From Cosmic Dust! We would Love to wish you a Happy Holidays with this special Holiday Sweater Set of two sweaters for the low price of L$100 []
SecretSLanta says 54 minutes ago
please don't forget to confirm you've received/sent your gift, by using this form
{T.T} shares 52 minutes ago
Coming Soon for Woodlands Januay , World Travel cultural
{T.T} shares 45 minutes ago
Coming Soon for ATLT January

Sasypants 2 hours ago
replurking: 500L Gift store credit to all What's New SL members from Flair What's New SL Gift from Flair
Jingleballs says 3 hours ago
Might as well, I'll give away 2 1000L gift cards randomly, leave your name below. Drawing will be later tonight.
HoHoHorror 3 hours ago
ok, I'm copying DistortedDreams . Giving away 3, 1k gift cards for The Horror! put yo name here and i'll put your names in through a thing and le you know who won tomorrow. feel free to replurk
Everyone else is doing it so might as well join in xD Giftcards won't work with my store but how about some free goodies? :3 Just comment your SL name below and I'll randomize 3 names to give a gift pack!
GretchenHoHoHo 3 hours ago
GIFT CARD GIVE AWAY! Who wants to win $L2000 to spend at [Fetch]? Hell..even if you don't like my store you can win it and give it to someone! xD Leave your name below and I will pick a winner later!