Liquid says 2 years ago
Why doth thou addeth me, perchance?
Seerose The buttocks.
☠Pepperslaw☠ Fuck if I remember.
☠Pepperslaw☠ (thinking) Because you were really nice to me when we did that build gather...thing.
JanaD says dani told me to :-P
VeriFrog Ma said to
Le Pumpkin Because you seemed like a dope & thought we'd get along
Misha because i had watched you in other plurks for a loooooong time, you were well-spoken and decided to take a chance that you'd say yes
Garrett. Your profile picture is super dreamy
Annette I think you added me and I watched you troll alice for too long
Hypercey you have sheep
♔Ɓєαηιє says I think it was for the swan party that never was
Sho Cuz Jana told me you're cool, so it must have been true. BOY WAS THAT MISLEADING :-D jk lol
Le Rಠuge I honestly don't know. Can I plead temporary insanity?
Andel Rhiadra says
Corina! I don't remember. But I prolly seen you responding to people and thought you were a decent enough human being.
Corina! also, to better stalk you.
Corina! Or just the first thing.
Eva I don't remember if I added you or you added me , but, its been very entertaining
Vitt To pop your cherry.
Marnix says relief at finding a Kiwi
Airedine cause you're alright
Daila Nora's plurks
Airedine I guess
Airedine Also, Alice's plurks.
Daila Then you lead me to Alice and things got better!
Art Frakture You forced me to
Bacon Watcher i think you added me!
hallow's aleesi You didn't really give me a choice
Xaqueline because you and me? we fancy and eat ramen with chopsticks
Dickabod Craine you added me bro
Hethr says You added me and told me you were a troll :-)
Chance n Fluff hilarity, non douchery
Liquid says mechadollie: you always have a choice
Liquid says artfrakture: except you.
Liquid says HethrEngel: false advertising? (troll)
Hethr says (LOL)
Daemon Mad Pokemon rule.
Pho I think you added me... I accepted because I'd seen you around and you didn't seem evil or annoying.
JescaButtercup says You were funny.
Xiomara says YOU ADDED ME, REMEMBER? (angry) (LOL)