Diq says 1 years ago
Why doth thou addeth me, perchance?
Seerose The buttocks.
☠Peppersley☠ Fuck if I remember.
☠Peppersley☠ (thinking) Because you were really nice to me when we did that build gather...thing.
Charisma you added me! and you were also the first person to PP me
JanaD says dani told me to :-P
chubbling you thought I DELETED YOU, so you added me back, FOREVER TAINTING THE BEGINNING OF OUR FRIENDSHIP.
VeriFrog Ma said to
Le Pumpkin Because you seemed like a dope & thought we'd get along
Misha because i had watched you in other plurks for a loooooong time, you were well-spoken and decided to take a chance that you'd say yes
Garrett. Your profile picture is super dreamy
Annette I think you added me and I watched you troll alice for too long
Hypercey you have sheep
♔Beαиıe says I think it was for the swan party that never was
Sho Cuz Jana told me you're cool, so it must have been true. BOY WAS THAT MISLEADING :-D jk lol
Le Rಠuge I honestly don't know. Can I plead temporary insanity?
Andel Rhiadra says
Corina! I don't remember. But I prolly seen you responding to people and thought you were a decent enough human being.
Corina! also, to better stalk you.
Corina! Or just the first thing.
Eva I don't remember if I added you or you added me , but, its been very entertaining
Vitt To pop your cherry.
Marnix says relief at finding a Kiwi
Airedine cause you're alright
Daila Nora's plurks
Airedine I guess
Airedine Also, Alice's plurks.
Daila Then you lead me to Alice and things got better!
Art Frakture You forced me to
Bacon Crusont i think you added me!
Aleesi You didn't really give me a choice
Xaqueline because you and me? we fancy and eat ramen with chopsticks
DrinksWithToes you added me bro
Hethr says You added me and told me you were a troll :-)
Chance n Fluff hilarity, non douchery
Diq says mechadollie: you always have a choice
Diq says artfrakture: except you.
Diq says HethrEngel: false advertising? (troll)
Hethr says (LOL)
Saint Devil Mad Pokemon rule.
Phort I think you added me... I accepted because I'd seen you around and you didn't seem evil or annoying.
Jesca says You were funny.
Xiomara says YOU ADDED ME, REMEMBER? (angry) (LOL)