deinera says 2 years ago
deinera says But clearly my vagina was created with anti-rape fortifications.
Megan I stole it from Mat on Twitter originally. XD
Perfect Carlos it's been making the rounds both here and there.
pastilla thinks it's not your vagina, it's your clever ovum that recognizes rape sperm and puts up a Klingon cloaking device to avoid pregnancy,
pastilla says of course if you secretly are enjoying the rape (as many women do) then this will not occur.
deinera says Oh man, if this were twitter, I would retweet all of those and favorite them for later reading.
alteregoliz O. M. F. G.
alteregoliz ::Plurk Frontpage Promotion::
wakko says
okram says what wakko said
okram says I think the worst part of this is, there are lots of people who agree with idiots like that (doh)
deinera says Or believe that nonsense to be factual.
okram says time to start handing out female condoms or are those a sin too?
anisoptera somehow, that doesn't seem like any sort of solution.
anisoptera that said, it's always bothered me that those aren't handed out for free
okram bets in the united states the raper would succesfully sue the rape victom if she used one of those
anisoptera as long as I'm descending into darkness here, it's more likely that a victim's use of such a condom would indicate that she was
anisoptera asking for it and therefore it wasn't really rape.
deinera says But we have natural defenses against rape right? Our bodies reject the rape!
ωιт¢н вιт¢н Ahahaha, what a piece of shit.
Morskittar says Mind-numbing douchebaggery and ignorance is certainly a unique political strategy. Not sure I get it.
wakko says Well, the cure to ignorance is knowledge and experience. Maybe these mouth-breathers just need a little first-hand experience. (annoyed)
Morskittar says one would hope they'd be able to get it without. But apparently not, if Jesus said so or something.
alteregoliz What wakko said. (annoyed)
Shteevie says the whole thing is turning into an interesting damage control situation.
Shteevie says GOPers from all over calling on him to step down, his D opponent trying to keep him from doing so, getting comments from R&R...
Shteevie thinks some folks in the spotlight can't tell where the line between 'crazy that is accepted by some' and 'unacceptable crazy', which is telling.
ωιт¢н вιт¢н And you know what? Some Republicans may not be like this, but the ones in charge are. The ones with the most power are.
ωιт¢н вιт¢н I mean, look at the current running mates.
deinera says Yeah, while this guy is definitely spewing some ridiculous nonsense of the 'unacceptable crazy' nature, this isn't that far from some of the
deinera says 'unacceptable crazy' that Romney has said in the past. For some reason or another, Americans buy into the most insane shit like... I don't
deinera says even know! Rationality and reason are out the window! Like the crazier it sounds, the more folks believe!
ωιт¢н вιт¢н Exactly.
alteregoliz There's a ridiculous degree of hysteria in politics during the last decade that haven't been present before, most pointedly during Obama's
alteregoliz tenure in office.
alteregoliz Coincidence? I don't think so.
deinera says It's cause the colored-guy is a terrorist. Amirite?? /facepalm
alteregoliz Maybe. Maybe it's just because he's reasonable and it makes people who aren't look stupid. I've seen it before in many situations.
alteregoliz The hysterical ones can't face how ridiculous they are and they get more and more hysterical instead of just taking a step back and calming
alteregoliz the f#%k down.
Perfect Carlos ^ Pretty much.
Perfect Carlos I think it's a mix of both things.
Perfect Carlos the OMG NON-WHITE MAN IN OFFICE and an inability to deal with reasonableness
Morskittar says I feel like the hysteria started with Bush and has only escalated tenfold since Obama.
Morskittar says right or wrong, both sides are certainly extreme these days
Morskittar says at least what hits the media
alteregoliz Fair enough. Having a moron in office certainly frightened the crap out of the Left.
Shteevie thinks it's both that he's not white and also that he didn't come from the same caliber of Money that we expect from our candidates.
Megan oh man, am I going to have to repost the Todd Akin "Obama is a menace to civilization" video?
DBlume shares Todd Akin is a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.
wakko says While 9/11 certainly brought the whole Orwellian / Brave New World aspects of the Feds into sharp focus, much of the other rhetoric has been
wakko says around since the Bush Sr. and Clinton era and, to some extent even before then.
DBlume says It's OK. He misspoke.
ωιт¢н вιт¢н (lmao)
Taiga ... someone hand me my biology 2X4
Morskittar says apparently this is a thing that some politicians have been saying for years.
Morskittar says "Secreting special secretions" and ultimately that there's "science" to prove that if a woman gets pregnant, she wanted it and it wasn't
Morskittar says real rape.
Taiga ... biology doesn't work that way!
Morskittar says must be Christian Science
anisoptera (rofl)
alteregoliz Methylene Biology 2X4 (rofl) I'm stealin' this...
Shteevie As usual, Rachel has a great summary and additional insight.
alteregoliz Rachel (rock)
deinera likes her. She's awesome :-)
Shteevie says in many ways, the MSNBC trio of Rachel, Chris and Lawrence are pretty awesome. I don't agree with R on a few topics, but I really appreciate
Shteevie how they try to expose stories that other places ignore, and also they give counterpoints and make a point to give a more complete picture
Shteevie than simply repeating some candidate's speech.
DBlume says there's another member of the Committe on Science, etc that shouldnt be there.
wakko wishes Committees had a minimum education requirement.
DBlume thinks maybe Akin and Broun are agents of the enemy, nefariously infiltrating the Committee on Science.