Gawn Fishin says 2 years ago
do you ever vague plurk about people on your timeline?
Hethr says no I figure they would know
Laura Nah. Oh actually I did one the other day.
Hethr says about me?!?!
RayvnHynes no
Hethr says I always think they are about me. That's another reason I don't
Hethr says I think everyone thinks they are about them
Gidge says yep
Laura No hethr!
Gidge says and then i laugh
Beleiber nope
Gidge says but usually not.
Doom Cookie says No. I just go all
Gidge says and usually i tell the person.
moo Money says Sometimes. Like I wanted to rant again about replurking. I have greasemonkey and filter out people I don't like, so why do I have to see
✜ Adam ✜ I'm never vague about anything. I just slap them in the face with it.
moo Money says those people on my timeline? It's more of a plurk flaw, but it still pisses me off. (nottalking)
nimiloween says no, usually my vague plurks are about rl people or people outside of plurk
✩`*•.¸✷¸.•*´✩ lolol of course .. it's usually an ex or a untrustworthy friend who deserves it
hallow's aleesi do I EVER!
Rainey sometimes I WANT to bc I'm so witty, but it's a policy not to feed the
Tem Nope...but I'm the laziest plurker ever
Rumplestiltskin some people vague plurk and are tacky bitches or replurk shit they don't have teh balls to say themselves because they know it's crass
Rumplestiltskin oh sorry that may have been vague
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤ i'm sure i've vague plurked in the past, can't recall
♥ Alicia ♥ I sure dooooo.
Daemon Mad Not really, no- I tend to be pretty god damned direct (or "blunt," if you're being accusatory!) when someone irks me.
Daemon Mad Well, not if someone irks me. Positive things, or just confusing things, sure.
Shyla I never have any clue what anyone is ever talking about anyway
Katie - Harv I did but now they aren't on my TL.
Pignut says this is about me, right?
Gawn Fishin says pignut: always
Katya No. I just call them out. It's better off that way.
Maribel Button says I only have been led to vague plurk recently, and that person will be deleted soon enough and I won't ha have to see their bs and be angry
✩Leχιlιcιoυѕ✩ I dont really vague plurk. I would much rather use names if someone has upset me that much. I dont get pushed to that point very often.
evie/katie I have once, but usually no
✩Leχιlιcιoυѕ✩ IF i do vague plurk it usually has to do with RL stuff
✩Leχιlιcιoυѕ✩ and i'm just blowing off steam
Magika says never. some vague responses to other ppls plurks at times tho. but thats about it
Liquid says No, never.
Shellywashere Not in a long time. I don't have anyone on my tl anymore that warrants that