Gawn Fishin says 4 years ago
do you ever vague plurk about people on your timeline?
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Hethr says 4 years ago
no I figure they would know
Laura 4 years ago
Nah. Oh actually I did one the other day.
Hethr says 4 years ago
about me?!?!
RayvnHynes 4 years ago
Hethr says 4 years ago
I always think they are about me. That's another reason I don't
Hethr says 4 years ago
I think everyone thinks they are about them
Fudge says 4 years ago
Laura 4 years ago
No hethr!
Fudge says 4 years ago
and then i laugh
Great Cornholio 4 years ago
Fudge says 4 years ago
but usually not.
Doom Cookie says 4 years ago
No. I just go all
Fudge says 4 years ago
and usually i tell the person.
moo Money says 4 years ago
Sometimes. Like I wanted to rant again about replurking. I have greasemonkey and filter out people I don't like, so why do I have to see
✜ Adam ✜ 4 years ago
I'm never vague about anything. I just slap them in the face with it.
moo Money says 4 years ago
those people on my timeline? It's more of a plurk flaw, but it still pisses me off. (nottalking)
Nimil says 4 years ago
no, usually my vague plurks are about rl people or people outside of plurk
lolol of course .. it's usually an ex or a untrustworthy friend who deserves it
Alice ♥ 4 years ago
do I EVER!
Rainey 4 years ago
sometimes I WANT to bc I'm so witty, but it's a policy not to feed the
Tem 4 years ago
Nope...but I'm the laziest plurker ever
Harambae 4 years ago
some people vague plurk and are tacky bitches or replurk shit they don't have teh balls to say themselves because they know it's crass
Harambae 4 years ago
oh sorry that may have been vague
i'm sure i've vague plurked in the past, can't recall
♥ Alicia ♥ 4 years ago
I sure dooooo.
Daemon Mad 4 years ago
Not really, no- I tend to be pretty god damned direct (or "blunt," if you're being accusatory!) when someone irks me.
Daemon Mad 4 years ago
Well, not if someone irks me. Positive things, or just confusing things, sure.
Shyla 4 years ago
I never have any clue what anyone is ever talking about anyway
Katie - Harv 4 years ago
I did but now they aren't on my TL.
Pignut says 4 years ago
this is about me, right?
Gawn Fishin says 4 years ago
pignut: always
Kat 4 years ago
No. I just call them out. It's better off that way.
Gus 4 years ago
all my plurks are vague
Gus 4 years ago
except the one asking ppl to add lauraturner
Gus 4 years ago
tghat was totes her
Maribel Button says 4 years ago
I only have been led to vague plurk recently, and that person will be deleted soon enough and I won't ha have to see their bs and be angry
Lexi☆Morgan 4 years ago
I dont really vague plurk. I would much rather use names if someone has upset me that much. I dont get pushed to that point very often.
evelyn 4 years ago
I have once, but usually no
Lexi☆Morgan 4 years ago
IF i do vague plurk it usually has to do with RL stuff
Lexi☆Morgan 4 years ago
and i'm just blowing off steam
Magika. says 4 years ago
never. some vague responses to other ppls plurks at times tho. but thats about it
Liq says 4 years ago
No, never.
Shellywashere 4 years ago
Not in a long time. I don't have anyone on my tl anymore that warrants that
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