Daemon Mad 2 years ago
DeadLantern Makes sense. Reposting.
Blue Rox ::Plurk Frontpage Promotion::
Blue Rox Just Plurked to frontpage
OmShantiMyfi Oh my
Hempy fucking pigs. I love how the court system will protect little fucks like this and keep victimizing the actual victim
Despil Let them burn on the internet.
LilElfinAnnie says They agree: Twitter Rape Victim Punished!?Twitter Rape Victim Punished!?
Xiomara says You know what's sad? The first site that comes up when googling "Austin Zehnder and Will Frey" is FREE REPUBLIC.
Xiomara says That site still thinks it's 1995, why the fuck is this the first site that comes up?
Corgsgiving Wow, I have rarely seen such a level of sarcasm deployed in public service. Well done, Elliot and Trisha!
Sidonie That level of sarcasm elevates them to near deity status in my book. It is well and truly deserved.