Babyhellfire Dammit all. Now I need Oreos.... and minions. I need minions who bring me Oreos at midnight
1 years ago  
stefficus like x 1000
NermalASU man I would love minions!
★mollylawlins★ amen.
Silly Goat loves Sexy minions (troll)
Babyhellfire well if they are sexy they must be naked.. or at least dressed in oreos
Silly Goat Sexy dressed in Oreos
Silly Goat Then I get to eat the Oreos off her sexy body to get to the real treat (evil_grin)
Babyhellfire genius.
♥Misfit Angel♥ like like like haha
✩`*•.¸✷¸.•*´✩ <~~~~ volunteers
Babyhellfire (highfive) i like where this is going
✩`*•.¸✷¸.•*´✩ so did the nekkid thing just apply to daddy?? (unsure face)
Babyhellfire no ways, it applies to sexy people. like you!
Linda that's a good way to get served, yummy's on yummy! (evil_grin)