Arbieroo shares 2 years ago
Arbieroo says video of interview with Terry Wogan on that page.
Arbieroo says my great scientific hero and my great literary hero of my teenage years have both died now.
Griffy.Lapin yes... very sad.
Arbieroo thinks (tears)
Snailquake is sorry. :-(
Snailquake was very sad to lose her heroes in those categories.
Lemongross gives (cozy) he was a good author. BBC radio had a nice short obit.
ॐ andavane Heard that on the radio, with quite a tinge.
boot feels the same, Arbieroo. Very much so. His words filled our minds and lit them alight. He will not ever leave my heart.
ॐ andavane Talking of Bradbury, a few folks have thought I could really dig Gaiman.
boot thinks you couldn't help but not.
Snailquake has thought that about a few people, but they've come back and said Gaiman wasn't their thing. (unsure)
ॐ andavane Had another look and isn't sure he's his thing either. Perhaps he's changed.
Which would be fine, if he could figure out who he is.
Shadow is happy that andavane has reverted to answering sensible queastions.
Arbieroo says (woot) The Philosidoggie! (cozy) How are you?
Shadow asks How? Who? 'you', 'me'?
'me' Arbieroo or 'me' 'ShadowRun' ? (thinking)
Arbieroo says (LOL) (cozy)
ॐ andavane Philosphically, this mutt keeps me well limbered up.
Shadow says Nonsense, andavane! He's just miffed that you took his dinner away :-(
Snailquake asks ShadowRun to make sure andavane reads his emails. :-)
ॐ andavane OK. He will.