Molly 2 years ago
Molly Timely and useful, I think.
Attack Weasel Interesting, but I can't help but notice that the acoustic covers of hip-hop songs the author cites as a problem includes white hip-hop
Attack Weasel artists being covered
Attack Weasel such as justin timberlake
Attack Weasel who grew up singing and acting and always made lots of money
call me dana like the subject matter, really don't like the condescension
call me dana there's practically a "hth" at the end
baeromir (what does "hth" stand for, I've seen it twice today and have never seen it before that)
call me dana ("hope that helps" or "happy to help")
baeromir (oh god wow that is condescending)
call me dana (like "your rping sucks you should stop hth")
baeromir (B| )
Molly Yeah, I agree that the tone is a little condescending, on second reading.
baeromir I do like the article, though! It points out a lot of aspects of hipster racism I'd not seen articulated before.