Gawn Fishin 2 years ago
SugarTits lol yep
hallow's aleesi LOL
ღWhimsy✶* ̈*• stairs (lmao) can relate
Lolleh Love that
ღ Jammy ღ LOL That is soooooo me. The folding the arms thing. LOL I died.
Isa-Boo Yep. All of it. Especially the stairs.
Elfers oh that made me laugh sooo bloody much - so so so true!!
ღ Jammy ღ Isabeal: I am more like that when I am running. I am surprised they didnt do that for running.
•j¬ My coworkers probably think I'm crazy cause I just lold so hard reading that. Soooo true!
ღ Jammy ღ lol
XmasCuntilera Im sorry suspenders
XmasCuntilera not designed with females in mind tbh
XmasCuntilera or men under 60
XmasCuntilera like how the girl wearing tehm has a hipster/indie/whatever haircut
XmasCuntilera it's like they know me
☥ Lourdes ☥ haha #5 is so right.
Stormy Wilde (LOL)
Alice provides a solution to #5 -
Vaki Oh my god yes shoulder straps.
lludmarfie goshdarn shoulder belts in cars.
lludmarfie used to think her IBM Selectric typewriter was haunted b/c every time she leaned forward, the typeball skittered to the right.
lludmarfie Yes, it was my boobs dragging over the space bar.
Stevo Suavage says Hello, ladies. ;-)
lludmarfie wonders if StevoSuavage has some manboobs stories to share.