Ishmael 2 years ago
Princess Shika that's.....
Princess Shika yeah, no words :/
SJ Mermaid Well shit.
SJ Mermaid They ought to have a little chat with the US officials who were doing this same thing to Native American women in the 70's and ask them how
SJ Mermaid well it worked.
SJ Mermaid And how many marriages dissolved, how many cases of alcoholism resulted, how many women committed suicide . . .
Ishmael Yeah, this is not the best move ever. And that's ignoring the basic human rights violations of this.
onehotblonde® This is horrible.
ιт'ѕ ѕo oвvιoυѕ wow what the fuck
ιт'ѕ ѕo oвvιoυѕ
Nano Fox ::Plurk Frontpage Promotion::
jenn Negative eugenics at work.
Ishmael That about sums it up.
OTACHI DD: Terrible
Pumpkjenn says DDDDDD: Oh my god. That's horrible!