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MiLLiE so, 13 Reasons Why.... discuss. I haven't watched it as such, but my teenage daughter has been watching it, and I'm not entirely sure whether its suitable or not...
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MiLLiE Its my birthday today, and its just another reminder now of how lonely I am. I actually miss my birthdays when I was with my ex, at least he would always buy me a little something as would his family, even if it was just a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers.
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MiLLiE says dream holiday abroad or buy new furniture and get the house looking nice?
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MiLLiE replurks Morgie shares Free stuff for men, all month long? Giddy Up!
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MiLLiE so hey, I dont know if i told you all. probably not as my life has been pretty crazy the last couple of weeks since I wrote my car off and started my new job! But my kids went on holiday for 10 days with their grandparents. they got back last night. I have missed them sooo much, just glad to have them, back home <3
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MiLLiE Although I am enjoying my new job I seriously dont know how I am meant to find the time to work on top of everything! I have lots of physio, dr and dentist appts coming up and am going to have to see if work will give me the time off/ change my shifts around them. Didnt want to be such a pain at the start of my new job- it doesnt look professional!
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MiLLiE its my first actual day in my new job tomorrow. I'm equal parts nervous as I am excited! #newbeginnings
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MiLLiE when you speak to your agency contact and he tells you that its his last day because he's taken a job in Oz - why couldn't he get me that job? lol
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MiLLiE so me and my bf just cant seem to make time for each other :/ I am meant to see him tomorrow (as it saturday), but the girls from my old work have invited me out on an 'all-dayer'. I have invited him to join us as I probably won't last ALL DAY, but he isnt keen. He has invited me to go to his to watch a movie tonight instead, but I've arranged to visit mates
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MiLLiE so, following my accident the other day, people keeeep telling me to put in a claim for whiplash, and car seats etc etc etc.... I have had aches and pains since the accident, but only minor ones. And at work yesterday they had to make adjustments for me to complete my Basic Life Saving assessment due to these. I will make a claim for this, but I can't lie
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