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MiLLiE replurks LittleLlamainSL Looking for designers to help hide some eggs! https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3679/33553571456_b6cc465957_b.jpg
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MiLLiE cant decide which photo looks better as the last image for my blog post.... gah!
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MiLLiE so my sisters' dog is pregnant... gonna get a puppy (woot)
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MiLLiE replurks CajsaLilliehook says :'-(
Colin Dexter, Whose Creations Included Inspector Mor...
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MiLLiE 轉噗 DizzySparrow OMG! Someone please make these (or very similar) in SL!! I beg of you!
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MiLLiE replurks Sasypants Hair Creators Hair Fair 2017 Designer Applications OPEN
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MiLLiE replurks maxwell_graf Chinese Water Deer have fangs instead of antlers!
How is this not huge in SL already? Its like a trifecta of SL memes.
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MiLLiE replurks kreaokuroi_kujisawa says RP plz♥ https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3700/33485197535_dec912efcd_b.jpg @ Lootbox gacha event taxi: Second Life Maps | Lately
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MiLLiE I'm having majooor problems with my internet speed on my desktop. Pages are taking forever to refresh. I have rung virgin a few times.about it and they say its not the equipment and according to their speed test I'm getting the usual speed. So what cam be causing my internet to be soo slooow? Do ant of my techie friends have any ideas?
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MiLLiE replurks CryssieCarver Hey guys! We had a little hiccup with the Ama gacha at Lootbox and it was giving out 'no transfer' boxes. The items inside are definitely transfer, just open up the box. (The rare Lootbox has 3 boxes inside it, open those too!) Sorry! We've fixed it now so no more issues hopefully. IM me if you need help!
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