ॐ andavane
from Ely, Great Britain (UK)
ॐ andavane A Statue Of A Fearless Girl Appeared Overnight To Tame The Wall S...
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ॐ andavane Welcomes Dr Amish Dalal to his timeline.
Good morning Sir (England) =
Good Evening Sir (Bombay).
Sorry, Mumbai as they say these days.
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ॐ andavane It's here!
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ॐ andavane A little Bird tells me I'll soon be getting a rare gift called a "Brexeat Kindle".
Wonder what it'll be? (griltongue)
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ॐ andavane "Our thoughts are unseen hands shaping the people we meet. Whatever we truly think them to be, that's what they'll become for us."
John Middleton Murry / aka Richard Cowper
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ॐ andavane No need to loiter, linger or lurk;
If you've got ow't to say on it,
Let out a Plurk!
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ॐ andavane Too much to do in not many hours,
Skyving the tasks and dodging the showers
Thus do I live, yet without a remorse
And thus does my wee life run its wee course!
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ॐ andavane Hello Plurkies! How y'all diddlin'?
What's your state like?
Good, bad or middling'?
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ॐ andavane JigmeDatse : hello Old Thing.
A little bird tells me it's your Solar Cycle Day. Woo hoo!
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ॐ andavane Hi Plurkers
A neighbour told me I have
A wasps' nest in my soffit!
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