from Second Life, Italy
Abby ...i've just noticed the presence of this creepy face in the SL Italia land, wtf
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Abby keikojishi 's inventory never cease to amaze us with its... peculiar clothes.
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Abby Aii's bunny ears an tail are perfect on my Kemono
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Abby replurkea Jareth_cygnet Morning Bananas! I'm making a flash sale of the 1st floor at the mainstore! Everything is 50%OFF including the new store release 8-)))!! Please replurk
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Abby It seems that today on Plurk is #DownTheMemoryLane day. So, here i am, june 2007. No more than a week old, already a neko. I was so proud to look this noob :°D
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Abby replurks VincentVile (RP for day peeps) Introducing Pictureesque! Clink for info creators and bloggers alike! Vinny had a brain hiccup which resulted in a fun new event! Calling ALL kinds of content creators that want to do something DIFFERENT. I wanted to make a one shop stop for all things Photography related!
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Abby https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2812/33414456111_f6648e5c92_b.jpg Did a thing to ease my mind and nerves. Now i'll back to commissions.
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Abby what's more meta than watching Life 2.0 with keikojishi on SL?
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Abby replurks chiyoselona too real
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