from Second Life, Italy
Abby I've been stalked by an anime :v keikojishi
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Abby Just me, looking creepy at VeronikaObviate
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Abby MFW you found Moulin du roy 100% cotton watercolor paper but it has torchon grain and it was fuckin' expensive
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Abby The more i try to be friendly, the more i being treated like shit. Guess why i prefer to be left alone.
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Abby replurks prthecrazyone ~ Trans women are women and if you believe otherwise, you are not a feminist, replurk to save a life and show a TERF the door. ~ TW: transphobia, heavy subjects re: trans violence, suicide, etc.
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Abby Back at home, sadly. :v
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Abby I'm at friend's place, and we saw Santa Clarita Diet. IT'S ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I SAW LATELY AND I LOVE IT
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Abby Out of town for a few days, I NEED SOME PEACE
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Abby Did a thing: https://farm1.staticflickr.com/486/32794057402_0dcb7b9b76_b.jpg
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Abby Aaaand it's finished! .Buy the stars.
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